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Exceptional Escapes has an internal 3C policy, according to which Colleagues, Clients and Contractors are encouraged and motivated to ensure an all year round responsible code of conduct. Our goal is to make tourism not just delightful, but also intricately linked to social awareness and cultural sensitivity so the time spent on the trip is both impactful and rewarding. To achieve this, we count on our partners’ involvement and support to make our CSR initiatives a success.


Started with few children six month ago, this month the number has touched 57. There was a time when the parents and community were to be sensitized hard to send their children to GURUKUL. In most of the cases, the children were the first generation learners in the families. The charisma of quality education has spread far and wide. The surge in the number of poor and mostly illiterate parents bringing their children for education made UDAAN FOUNDATION increase the capacity to 57. Our future goal to provide free and quality education for more than 500 underprivileged children.

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Mid-day Meal

"Millions of children in India go to bed hungry because their parents/guardians are not able to purchase food for them. Most of them drop out from schools so that they can help their parents and supplement the family income."
Udaan Foundation Food for Education program distributes free food prepared at our kitchens on a daily basis, to poor children if they attend any formal or non-formal educational class. It thus combines food with education-we now have a child who is educated and well fed also. The programme has been very effective in arresting the drop-out rate in schools.

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Cow Shelter

"India has a large population of cattle. Many cows can be seen wandering on the roads of Delhi and many other big cities of India. Unfortunately a large number of these cows are neglected and are left to become stray on the roads to die of starvation by their owners when they become unproductive or useless. Suffering from starvation, many of these Cows consume garbage thrown on the street in polyethylene bags. Since these polyethylene bags are neither digestible nor biodegradable, they get stuck in the digestive track of these animals leading to their premature and painful deaths on the street."

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Education for Poor Child

Have you ever thought what is life like for children without education? In our country, many children are still deprived of education due to poverty. We aim to transform India by empowering poor children. Our education for poor child programme is dedicated towards providing education to those who cannot afford it. We provide basic education to poor children who cannot attend school due to their financial condition. There are many children who live in remote areas of India and cannot think of going school due to lack of means. The necessity of education cannot be ignored in today’s world. Therefore, keeping this in mind, we at Udaan help poor children get education to change their destiny. No doubt, an educated child can make his destiny powerful. Therefore, we take pride in educating poor children who really need it. Come and join us in our mission of nurturing the talented children of India!

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Save Girl Child “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”

Love is synonyms with women. Ever thought what a society would be without women? In our endeavor to stop female foeticide, we work towards ‘Save Girl Child’ which not only is about saving girl child but also caters to her education needs. Empowering girl children is mandatory to maintain a healthy society. The imbalance of sex ratio may create disaster to our society. Therefore, ‘Udaan’ is active in the area of saving girl children and educating them. Gone are the days, when girl children were restricted to get education. It is the time to recognize their talent and give them equal opportunities like boys. If you too wish to watch our society healthy, let’s support the mission, ‘Save Girl Child’ and empower girl children. We wish to see every home blessed with daughters’ smile and therefore encourage girl children to remain an important pillar of society. Join us for the mission to MAKE A CHANGE.

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Healthcare Camp

‘Health is Wealth’, keeping this in mind, we successfully launched A Health Campaign at A village near District Ajamgarh (U.P.) (Prathmik Vidyalya gram Korighana P.O. Martinganj Vikash Khand Fhulpur) with a population of approx 2225 people had no health facility. Due to non accessibility to public health care and low quality of health care services, a majority of people in Phulpur turn to local practitioners who have less knowledge to deal with the disease. On 20th-Aug-2014 Udaan foundation organized a health campaign for well being, preventing ill health and prolonging people’s lives at Phulpur.

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Swacch Bharat

Following Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of a clean India on his birth anniversary, Udaan Foundation participated in “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan”. This two day campaign under the aegis of Indian Railways and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative of a Clean India as enunciated by him on Independence Day this year was organized at Hazrat Nizammuddin Railway Station on 1st and 2nd October 2014.

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Blanket & Warm Cloth Donation Camp

We have successfully organized this campaign at Village Gopalpur in Dr. Mukherjee Nagar on 11th January, 2015. The aim was to encourage more and more people to donate their old warm clothes and blankets that can be distributed among poor people. It was launched with great enthusiasm and we helped poor people by donating warm clothes. Many volunteers came forward in the mission which helped us to reach more and more needy people. We request you to keep your support on for those who really need it. The old warm clothes may be out of fashion for you but it can be a great help for those who cannot afford to buy it. Your one generous step may save someone’s life who is unable to bear this chilling cold without warm clothes.

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