Adjusting itself between the amazing India and wonderful Tibet, Nepal takes pride in being called as the ‘Watershed of Asia’. Stretching from subtropical forest to sky-gazing peaks of Himalaya, the land boasts of mesmerizing beauty. It enchants travellers for the diversity of culture. It is here when you come across the sites of pagoda-roofed temples, you feel yourself in a different world altogether. With enriching ethnic pride, grandiosity of tradition and enchantment of festivity, Nepal exudes richness. It serves as the land of Gurkha soldiers as well as Sherpa climbers who have been internationally acclaimed.

Adventure Sports
Nepal delights every adventurer with its host of thrilling activities. Be it trekking, rock-climbing, river rafting, mountaineering, hunting or mountain-biking, you can enjoy it all here. Take joy in your favorite adventure activities on your Nepal tour.

Nepali cuisine is simple yet spicy and meaty. The national dish here is Dal-Bhat or Lentil Curry, accompanied with rice and chapatti, thin pancake-like bread. The specialties here include Tarkari or spiced vegetables, Thukpha, Choyla, Cel roti, Pani Puri and Momos, the handmade dumplings filled with veggies or meat.

Shopping in Nepal allows you to collect the fine handicrafts. You can choose from a variety of jewellery, woolen carpets, knitwears, pashmina shawls, Mithila paintings, Thangka paintings, ceramics and pottery. Besides, wood carvings, rice paper, stationary and metal works are other items to pick. Gurkha Khukuri, Gems and Gold Jewellery, Paubhas, Madhubani paintings, Handwoven Cloth and colorful baskets are there to appeal shopping lovers.

Another amazing reason for travellers to visit Nepal is its wildlife. The country has managed to protect various endangered species. The popular national parks in Nepal include names like Chitwan, Khaptad, Langtang, Bardia, Sagarmatha and Makalu Baru and Parsa Wildlife Reserve.

Fairs and Festivals The country is culturally rich and enjoys diverse festivals throughout the year. Most of them hold religious significance and are celebrated in temples. Dashain, Tihar, Bibah Panchami, Makar Sakranti, Losar, Chaitra Dashain, Buddha Jayanti and Indra Jatra are the popular festivals celebrated here.

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