Adorably known as the Land of five rivers, Punjab has concealed a number of enchantments to delight every soul. Known for its unique culture, proud history and lip-smacking cuisine, the land welcomes tourists with open arms. Rainbow tinged turbans, colored outfits, ribbons and bangles that are truly loved by the people of Punjab make it a colorful destination. One of its kind Bhangra dance creates a cheerful ambiance. The holy shrines and various Gurudwaras are there to fill your soul with tranquility.

Cuisine Punjabis are full of life and so is their food. Stuffed paranthas, makke ki roti, sarso ka saag, lassi, dal makhani, choley, kadhai paneer, shahi paneer and various desserts like Kheer, halwa are very popular here. Besides they love tandoori chicken, butter chicken, biryanai, kabab and tikka.

Shopping Travellers can buy everything they feel like, from traditional items to contemporary objects. The popular shopping items include clothes, jewellery, handloom and handicraft items.

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