West India

Travel to the fascinating West India region to adorn your holidays with memorable experiences. It is home to some of the greatest holiday destinations teeming with a wide range of attractions. From rich cultural history to enchanting wildlife, famous pilgrimage sites, beautiful beaches, interesting caves, exciting nightlife, historic monuments, lovely handicrafts, wide variety of lip-smacking food and modern-day luxury, West India has a lot to offer.

Cuisine of North India
Influenced by different cultures, West India offers amazing varieties of food. In Maharashtra you can enjoy delicious dishes like poha, pav bhaji, vada pav, seafood and a wide variety of vegatarian and non-vegetarian dishes. In Goa you can gorge on a variety of seafood, rice and coconut dishes, Feni etc. Gujarat is the place to treat your taste buds with mostly vegetarian culinary delights. They use a combination of different spices to add flavour to their food. Meethi (Sweet) Kadhi), Thepala, Bajri no rotlo, Khakhra, Puran poli and khandvi are a few popular dishes to name.

Shopping in North India
When you are in Maharashtra you can shop from flea markets to big malls. Here you can buy latest outfits, unique furniture, delicate brass work, exquisite paintings, home furnishings, kolhapuri chappals and much more. Goa markets offer aromatic spices like black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, chillies, cashew nuts and Feni. Gujarat is a great place to buy handicrafts such as bandhnis and traditional gagra-cholis, patola silk sarees, embroidered fabrics and footwear, lacquer furniture etc.

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